Employee Relations Management

Employee Relations Management

Employee relationship management (ERM) is a specific field of Human Resource Management. ERM is the process of adopting controlling methods and practices to regulate employee relations. … By effectively managing relationships, a Company can determine whether its objectives are being met.

We can assist you with investigating disciplinary matters and act as initiators in disciplinary matters.

We will also be able to prepare cases for the CCMA, represent you, being our Client at the CCMA in matters and or Bargaining councils.

In Labour Court matters, we can refer our Clients to our legal team who will be able to provide you with the best service within the borders of Africa.

To keep a business running smoothly, a company needs to balance employee and manager relationships. Employee relations managers design programs to ensure the fair treatment of employees and effective communication between employees and managers.

Company policies determine the way employees conduct themselves in the workplace and address issues like drug and alcohol use, sexual harassment, and privacy. The employee relations manager is responsible for creating and enforcing these policies.

Situations between employees and management arise in any workplace environment. Employee relations managers address these conflicts and strive to resolve them in a positive manner that benefits all parties and facilitates healthy work relationships.

Employee relations managers listen to and address employee concerns to encourage a supportive atmosphere in the workplace. They resolve employee issues and handle complaints to protect the interests of all parties involved.

It is important for managers to have the skills to handle employees in all potential work scenarios. Employee relations managers provide advice on how to effectively deal with employees, especially in difficult situations.

Negotiations are another key duty. We can represent all our Clients in union matters and union negotiations ensuring that our Clients’ best interest are taken care of when it comes to the minefield of negotiations.

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