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About Abatwane

Abatwane is a Human Resources Company which fully understands that Human Resources (HR), Employee Relations (ER), Health and Safety and Operational Management are critical components for the success of all business.

Our team of Specialists have many years of collective knowledge and we know that any questions relating to HR, ER, Health & Safety and Operational issues could pose challenges to your business. At Abatwane we know that Companies often don’t have the time to focus on Human Resources and related issues thereto and that our Clients should not focus on anything else except their core business. 

As a professional employers’ organization, we will assume full responsibility for your Company’s HR administration. It will be core to our business to become an integral part of your company’s business by ensuring your future is as bright and exciting as ours. Together we will be your Company’s HR solution we will manage all your HR and Operational needs.

The key to hiring the right HR firm is knowing which services your Company requires and then finding a Human Resources firm that can provide them.

At Abatwane we offer a full range of services from which you can select to suit your Company’s everyday requirements. Our services include:

  • HR Management
    We will assess and deal with all your Human Resources needs.
  • Employee Relations Management
    Let Abatwane deal with your internal disciplinary investigations, initiations, conducting of disciplinary enquires and representation at CCMA and Bargaining Councils.
  • Payroll administration
    Let us take over your payroll department to ensure the smooth running of your payroll.
  • Risk management
    Together with our Operations Specialist, we can assess any risks your business may have.
  • Training and Development
    This is an ongoing process in which we can ensure that your employees are continuously trained and developed.
  • Health and Safety
    All businesses must have their health and safety in order, we are specialists in this field.
  • Operational Projects
    All Companies need a fresh look at how their business is being conducted and our operational team will help you achieve a smooth operational business. One of the main reasons Companies turn to Abatwane, is because our team has the time and expertise to deal with any situation.
  • International Law
    Let us help you with international labour law with our focus on the following countries: Mauritius, Portugal and Malta.

A big reason business turn to Abatwane is because our team will have the time, expertise and abilities to deal with every situation that my come your way. You may also save money and have a workforce that is happy and more productive. Why should you consider outsourcing, because at Abatwane we will cross the road for you when nobody else will.

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